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Redkix Gaming Community Rules

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Redkix Gaming Community Rules

Post  Redkix on Fri Jun 14, 2013 11:42 am

Forbidden Actions: Forums

Advertisements: There will be no advertising on the forums. If you want to advertise your thread, game, company, etc., put it in your signature. Any advertisment threads will be locked.

Excessive Bumping: Bumping is adding a meaningless (*bump*) post to a thread to push it back to the top of the list. If the bulk of your posts are bumps, you should take it to mean that no one is interested in your topic, and let it die.

Flame: Expressing anger at another user via PM or on the forums is not allowed. This includes name-calling, threats, being obnoxious, etc. Don't do it.

Flamebait: Posts that are made with the aim of angering someone indirectly is against the rules here. Don't do it.

Forbidden links: There is not, and will not ever, be a definitive list of forbidden links. Since we don't control the content of other websites, a link that was fine yesterday may not be fine today. Each link is judged on a case by case basis, and occasionally the Mods will outlaw certain sites. 

* Any outlawed site is forbidden in the forums, as a signature or in any other format.
* General classes of forbidden links include porn or other sexual imagery, warez, sites promoting other illegal activities, referral links, or sites that have links to such sites as a principal component.
* Some generally unaccepted popular sites include ebaumsworld, albinoblacksheep, plasticnipple, Encylopedia Dramatica, and Fred Phelps' godhates<group> hate-mongering sites.
* Don't link sites where you (or a friend/relative) stand to gain financially. An exception to this is Desura, Kickstarter, or IndieGoGo campaigns for your game(s).

Garish Posts: We like fonts and colors, we really do, but anything used in success becomes annoying. Think twice agbout posts that make other users cringe...especially if you've been repeatedly asked to refrain by users and mods alike. Keep this especially in mind when using the color or font-size BBCodes!

Gravedigging: Posting a reply on a long disused thread; bumping threads that aren't used anymore. Adding legitimate new material is permitted, and the acceptable age varies from forum to forum.

Griefing: Harrassing another user because of what they said or did. This often manifests when one user follows another around in thread after thread, abusing and flaming the target user.

Homework: Requests for assitance with homeworkin any forum is forbidden.

Image Spam: Posting of repeated or multiple images that do not serve to help the flow of the thread. This can be the use of images to declare a point, or the use of semi-flame images from somethingawful or ebaumsworld to mock others.

IP Addresses: IP swapping among admins of offsite boards is outside our jurisdiction, and as such, we can take no action. IP swapping in public on our boards is not permitted. 

Mods as a Weapon: Threatening another user with moderation action if they don't do "action"(i.e A threat to report a user to the mods if they don't fund their Kickstarter) is not allowed. representing yourself as a moderator is considered impersonation, and is not allowed. This especially includes using the moderator's **** action code ****; don't use it, that's impersonation and will get you temporarily banned if not permabanned outright! Reporting rule-breakers via the Moderation forum is not only allowed, but encouraged. Doing so maliciously or spamming Moderation with questionable requests may invoke penalty, at the Mods' discretion.

Obscene and Explicit Content: Sexually graphic images and posts, and violent images such as bloody corpses is very strictly forbidden. Obscene imagery and content on the forums should be reported to the Moderation Forum. Please provide a link to the topic/post, but do not quote it while explaining its illegality, because then we have to find your post and delete it also.

The standard for the forum is the US movie rating "PG-13". Mild swearing may be tolerated, mild sexuality may be hinted, but explicit or excessive versions of either or both may result in proportional mod response.

Poll Abuse: Polls created with the attempt to troll, flame, flamebait or otherwise commit forum offences as outlined here. This includes abuse of public polls to single out voting blocks for subsequent attacks or ridicule.

Posting Past Ban: If a user is banned, that user is not permitted to post on the forums with other accounts they have created, Such accounts may be deleted without notice, as may the main account and other indentified accounts. If you can't figure out why you were banned(i.e Mod didn't provide a reason), email asking why and I'll reply back as soon as I can. You may post on behalf of a banned user to ask, in "Moderation", why that player was banned. You may not post on behalf of a banned player for any other reason.

If a user is deleted for rule-breaking on the forums, the moderators may impose a ban time in addition to the deletion. Failure to observe this ban may result in a DoS order (see below).

Posting Past Lock: If your thread is locked by a moderator or admin, don't reopen a new thread to discuss it further. In most cases, the decision is either final or adequately covered in another open thread. Reposting rule-breaking threads (fllames or spam, typically) will result in rapid negative action against your account.

Post-Whoring: Any post specifically designed to feature or increase your post count is considered, post-whoring, and is illegal on the Redkix Gaming Community.

Promoting illegal activity: This should go without saying, but please do not start threads describing the best way to get away with murder, rape, child abuse, software piracy, bombing your country's parliment, killing the President, or anything in that nature. We don't find it amusing and can cause us to lose this forum. Such threads will be deleted. Egregious posters of such may be banned, deleted, or even have their ISP contacted.

Account Multiing: Using an alternative account (a puppet) to evade or break rules, and 'protect'your primary account from repercussions, is not permitted. Egregious rulebreaking will also affect the puppetmaster.

Quote Editing: Changing what someone said in a quotation without indicating that a change has been made, especially when it casts the person in a bad light and changes his or her meaning will be treated as flamebaiting or, if appropriate, trolling. The tradition here is to indicate the ORIGINAL words changed by reproducing them and using the strike tag and adding the changes in blue or some other visible color -- so that the original context is clearly visible. The tradition is also to add the word "fixed" to the post. Note that doing this in such a way as to make us think you're rtying to annoy someone may well end in moderation getting involved.

Referral Links: Posting links to "personal accounts" on websites (where you get some benefit from having multiple people click the link) is a bannable offense. This refers to Cyber-war, Outwar, plus all other variants, and even such sites as (that dumbass zombie brain thing). They are not permitted in threads, signatures or anywhere else. However, your Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and other social networking accounts can be linked in the appropriate field areas on your profile.

Signature Spam: Forum signatures give you space to include a few carefully selected-links or quotes. Sigs are attached to every post, and must therefore conform to clutter-reducing rules. Maximum size should never exceed eight lines, including blank lines and quote lines. (A short quote takes up 5 lines - "quote", attribution line, two lines for the box, and one line for the quote). Large font sizes should be avoided and may be trimmed without warning. Posting forbidden links is not allowed.

Spam/SPAM: Off-topic, irrelevent and multi-posts that clog the server. This includes posting lots of smilies which is known as Smilie Spam. Also akin to spamming is Post-whoring which is when a player posts anything just to increase post count. Spamming to the point where your account gets deleted is known as Klamathing. Soamming in the forums should be reported through the Moderation forum, and to my PM if it is through PM.

Thread Hijacking: Appropriating a thread for discussion totally unrelated to the original purpose of said thread. Hijacking can take the form of a single post or a long discussion. Such posts may be split or deleted, and the poster(s) temporarily banned.

Threats: Any post, PM, or other entry which can be read as a threat against a player's life, safety, family, pets, WoW character, etc. is forbidden. We will consider all such threats to be real and actual, not satire or hyperbole, and act accordingly.

Trolling: I know some users may be fans of MinnesotaBurns, but trolling on a video game and trolling on an internet forum take on different contexts. Posts that are made to with the aim of angering people(i.e ALL CoD PLAYERS ARE FAGS). While trolls often make these posts strictly in attempt to provoke negative comment, it is still trolling even if you actually hold those beliefs. Intent is difficult to prove over the internet, so mods will work under their best assumptions.

Note that posts of opinions you disagree with does not automatically equate with trolling. Disagreements are expected, as long as they are done in a civil manner. I welcome all opinions of gamers in debate or discussion, even those that are highly unpopular and whatnot. Make your case clear with the invective, if you want to avoid banishment as a Troll.

Trolling is also used to refer to making obviously silly topics that people nonetheless will reply to, despite all the common sense. Don't feed the trolls(unless Grand Master MinnesotaBurns is here...)

Trollbaiting: Posts that are made to attract trolls. First known instance is someone creating a topic for Playstation players to gloat in after the E3 2013 Sony Press Conference "So that I could see who to add to my ignore list!" I have declared that gloating over gaming consoles' features, games, etc. to constitute as trolling.

Trollnaming: Attempting to shut down a thread or poster by labeling it/them a troll with no further discussion. Trolls/trolling needs to be reported in Moderation, not within the thread.

Warez requests: Anyone asking for or posting links to illegal software or games (warez), or keys/cracks/hacks to software or games to get around purchasing them, will be banned and probably deleted. This sort of illegal request can cause us to lose this forum, and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Delete-on-sight (DoS or DOS): Any user who has so worn out his or her welcome with rule-breaking behavior over a variety of accounts may be declated DoS by moderation staff. Any new accounts created by this user can and will be detected and deleted and any threads they started or posts they contributed will be removed without warning. This is reserved for the most egregious violaters, and is never unliaterally declared by a single moderator, but is agreed upon by a majority of active Mods and Admins. The list of DoS users will not be made public, so don't ask.

Humor on the forums: This site is based on casual and competitive gaming, and is intended to be fun. Humor is welcome here, but be aware that standards of humor vary widely. Some people find spamming and flaming to be exceedingly funny, but those actions are not permitted here. It's up to you to balance your idea of humor against what the rest of the players here find funny, and it's up to the mods and admins to be the final aribiters of what is permitted and what isn't. Keep in mind that this is primarily a gaming community, so try to keep the humor along those lines.

Mod Oppresion and Mod Bias: Redkix moderation is based on acting against rule-breaking in the forum. Opinions do not factor into official decisions by moderators. We make our rulings and interpretations as official representatives of Redkix. Our only agenda is RULES ENFORCEMENT. It's often the case that posters who lack the control to post within the rules also hold strong opinions on other matters, and it may appear that the mods are suppressing a aprticular discussion or viewpoint. This is NOT the case. Anyone who shares that viewpoint or discussion and manages to post within the rules is welcome to express it.

Mods and Admins are posters too: Moderators and Admins have gaming, social, sometimes even political and religious opinions, and they are welcome to express them on the appropriate part of the forums. In most cases, mods will add a "Moderation Team" signature block when posting in their official capacity, and all mod posts in Moderation and Tech Help are considered official unless specified otherwise. Otherwise, Mods are free to discuss, argue, or otherwise post in any forum just as any other user may.

  • Special Instances: Mods and Admins may be occasionally accused of breaking various forum rules. These will be dealt with in the usual fasion, and the Mod or Admin accused will not be permitted to contribute to the ruling.  Accusations of mods abusing their powers should be reported to administration directly. Please note that such accusations are treated very seriously and the administrators(like myself) are less patient than mods, so do not make frivolous or unfounded complaints.

Mod Actions: For those who are not aware of this, Moderator and Admin actions depend upon the rule being broke, who broke it, and how it was broken and can range from verbal warnings (i.e Knock it off's), to official actions (Red texts), to short or long bans from the forum, the loss of a user's account(s) if not a DoS order. Usually A player must agther several warnings and bans before the loss of his or her account but this is not always the case. Some actions, such as posting explicit content, can result in instant deletion of the player's account(s), or instant DoS depending. All mod and admin actions are recorded for Moderator and Admin record keeping and can be checked by asking in Moderation or through Admin PM. If a player feels that a Mod action was unjustified or too harsh, they may appeal using the appeals process.

  • Warning Levels: An official warning (**** red text ****) will cause your warning level to go up. Your warning level can be checked through your profile in the Comments field(note that if you remove your warning level from your comments, admins have the ability to edit it and put it back). The level goes down after a few months, though the record will remain for Moderator and Admin use. There is no magic "warning number" that triggers a ban, deletion, or IP ban, Moderators and Admins judge based on a user's history as well as the rule being broken and how.

Rules Lawyers: We don't like rules lawyering. If someone looks like they're try to use (or, mors specifically, abuse) the above guidelines in bad faith, then an official warning will be issued against them. "But you said this way okay!" "Yes, we did say it was okay. Then you went and tried to use that to bait another use." "I wasn't trying to bait him/her!" "We don't believe you." "But it's true!" "Tough shit. You are officially warned."

Play Nice: Regarding ignores, quotes, and verious other interpretations and variable rules listed in the topic: Play nice. If you do that, you'll probably be fine.

Copyright: Users of Redkix Gaming Community own the copyright to everything they post here under international law, assuming it's copyrightable material in the first place and belongs to them.

Were you to find someone had, for example, stolen your Redkix game ideas, concept drawings, etc. and used them in their own game, you as the copyright holder would still be fully entitled to take action against them. Putting something up in our forum does not remove your right of copyright ownership.

On the other hand, if another use steals your character designs, art, words, etc. [and that would be either using images without your permission or reproducing large portions of text unaltered], that is simply trolling. If you point the moderators at the thread, they'll tell them to knock it off.

Quoting posts in replies does not require copyright permission, since the 'fair use' part of copyright law allows reproduction of copyrighted works for purposes of crticism and commentary.

Finally, remember, This. Is. SPARTA Redkix! -- not to be confused with /b/. Leave the "4 teh lulz" and rules-lawyering at the door.

Admin Note: It took me 3 hours to type this all out. Please follow these rules and you'll enjoy your time here.

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Re: Redkix Gaming Community Rules

Post  Porkchop on Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:34 pm

Another thing to note is: Don't ask to be a moderator or admin. Asking will quickly get you taken out of consideration. 

Paul will provide a topic with specific guidelines on how to become a Moderator. For right now, Redkix and I will be the only Admins.

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